Lemon, gin and Prosecco

Ever since my flatmate ordered a version of this in the Hoxton Grill a few months ago, this cocktail has become something of an obsession in our house. It’s really too simple to post a recipe for, but I’m going to anyway. It’s nice to do more than open a bottle of wine sometimes. Plus these are very handy for getting your friends drunk when you’ve left half the ingredients for dinner by the till in Tesco…

• 1 small-ish shot of gin
• 1 small-ish shot of fresh lemon juice – about half a lemon
• 1 twist of lemon peel
• Prosecco* to top up

*That’s a demi-sec Blanc des Blancs in the pics, which I think is too sweet, but it needed drinking up!

Lemon, gin prosecco 2Lemon, gin Prosecco 3Lemon, gin Prosecco 4


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