• Review: My Chocolate

    I’ll readily admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to chocolate. Nor am I a fan of anything marketed in the “girly” direction, let alone towards hen dos. So an evening at My Chocolate came as a bit of a surprise.

    My Chocolate entrance

    Things don’t start well, as you venture down an alley behind Chancery Lane, then through a network of clammy corridors lined with industrial red pipes. Through the last door, however, you’re met with this little hallway and the smell of melting chocolate.

    Sure, there’s Prosecco on tap and and abundance of cutesy, vintage-themed accessories, but the tone of the class keeps things from getting too twee.

    We begin by comparing chocolates from around the world; just like wine, terroir has a huge impact on strength and aroma characteristics. Then it’s onto the production process, crunching cocoa nibs as we go.

    Cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar are used for dark chocolate, milk is added for milk chocolate, while white is made with just cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Milky Way fans stop reading now: this sickly bar contains no cocoa derivatives at all..

    My Chocolate

    Things get a little sillier as the chocolate martini-making portion begins, but the tutors  keep the class moving and engage those interested in more than necking booze.

    My Chocolate decoration

    It’s then on to making chocolates, all with Green & Black’s. We’re taught three basics: a simple truffle of melted chocolate and cream; sticky, dense American fudge; and how to flavour plain chocolate with food oils. Dark chocolate with pear works brilliantly, if you follow the instructions and only add a few drops.

    Once the truffle and fudge mixes have cooled, they’re dipped in molten chocolate before being rolled in their final coatings.

    My Chocolate final

    This isn’t for those serious about becoming a master chocolatier, but a very enjoyable evening nonetheless.

    I booked My Chocolate as a present through Virgin Experience Days, but you also can do so direct on their site, here.